The Kennel

Although our kennelsname already exists since 1992. But 2004 we have our first litter.

Of this Kennel-site you can read some over my dog`s and me.

Our logo stands for the memory of our unforgotten Kesshond male

Ciko vom Erfttal und Wiescheider Wald.

Ciko 12 years old.
Becauso of he was ill, he had be sheared.
He went to the Rainbow-Bridge at the age of 14.

It is our aim to cultivate healthy dogs with a distinctive social behavior. We want have almost contact with the puppy`s and owner as long as they live.

From our Kennel we have many dogs for breed, Championdogs and one rescue dog, in Germany and other Country`s.

Our Multi-Ch.Ceelah von Haus Rubens are World-Junior-Champion 2012 and World-Champion 2017.

Top-Keeshondbreeder 2013

Top-German Spitzbreeder 2013 ( all breeds )

Inay are the mother from the A-Litter and the grandmother from the B-Litter.

Inay goes at the 03.24.2010 over the Rainbowbrigh. Her site

  Ayani is the Mother from the B-, C-, D-and E-Litter and the grandmother from the F-, G-, H- and I-Litter. Ayani also Grand-Grand-Mother in Finnland, Italy and Germay.

Ayani goes at the 06.20.2017 over the Rainbowbrigh. Her site

Ceelah are the mother from the F-, G-, H- and I-Litter.

Hiraani in time the new mother.

At the 06.25.2012 RicKees Wild of Haus Rubens "  Yukon " come from Canada to us. Angelika Schneider-Rubens und Sonja Schmidt are the owner. We hope that Yukon bring in the future new bloodlinie in our Kennel. At July 2013 Yukon are for breed. Yukon are the father from our F-Litter. 2014 we must Yukon out of breed.Yukon live at January 2016 in Mainz and he work at the therapy dog. His site

At the 09.24.2015 Bärchen Eisstern " Samu " come from Finnland to us. So it is the second attempt for new blood for our breed. Samu live at my home with Ayani, Ceelah and Hiraani.

At the 06.25.2016 Samu are ready for breed.

Owner are Angelika Rubens and Rolf Schneider

At the 01.01.2011 the dogs to be for breed must have the Character Test.

The two C-Girls have passend at the 12.10.2011

 PHPT negativ, testet by Dr. Goldstein, Cornell Institut USA.

Ceelah is olso PHPT negativ by descent.

Hiraani  is PHPT negativ by descent.

Samu is PHPT negativ by descent.

Ayani are PHPT negativ at the 09.05.2008. 

Inay are PHPT negativ at the 08.01.2008 .

They are also DNA ( Geno Canin and ISAAG 2006 ) testet and have hip-x-ray.

What is PHPT???

The Keeshond ( in german )

The Keeshond ( german )

They are from WauTV-Das Hundemagazin.

I look after the dogs :


Left: Ceelah, middle Ayani, right Samu

Angelika Rubens (born 1959, Member of the German Keeshond-Club since 1982, 1. Chairmann since 1988 from the group Cologne, since 1994 special judge for all German Spitz, Japanese Spitz and Volpino Italiano in Germany and other country`s of the World, exendet main board at 1996.).

Top Keeshonde-Breeder List from the German Spitz Club

Place Year Breeder Puppy
 21  2005  65  2
 22  2006  69  1
 20  2007  61  1
 33  2008  39  1
 7  2009  63  6
 6  2010  58  7
 7  2011  64  8
 2  2012  69  6
 1  2013  70  7
 4  2014  62  5
 2  2015  64  11
 2  2016  66  9
 2  2017  82  4

Top Keeshonde-Breeder List from the German Spitz Club

Place Year Breeder Puppy
 4  2012  273  6
 1  2013  299  7
 5  2014  294  5
 3  2015  335  11
 5  2016  333  9
 7  2017  495  4


25 x place 1
14 x  place 2
6 x  place 3

8 x  place 1
3 x  place 2
5 x  place 3

1 x place 4

Offspring Group

10 x place 1

Thank you to all owners. Without you help I would not make this success

We are visited by our puppys on vacation.
from left to right: Walli, Ayani, Androsch, Inay, Fayana

Baro with his mother Ayani and grandmother Inay in back, at the walkingday from Group Cologne ( in the Netherland ) at the 07.27.2008. 

Our first Breederclass, with Androsch, Buddy and Brilliant Bialy, at the 09.06.2006 at the CACIB Luxembourg.


At the 02.01.2009 we was at the CAC show in Castrop-Rauxel. In front Baluna, mother Ayani ( for me ), grandmother Inay ( right ), Buddy ( left ) and Basso ( right ). The 3 puppy`s from the B-Litter make

Place 2 in the breederclass.

Baluna, Basso and Buddy ( from left to right ) startet at the CAC-Show in Hanau ( 04.19.2009 ) in the Breeder-Class. She make Place 2 from 3 Keeshond-Kennels. Big Thank you for my owner, that she make it for me.

At the VDH-Europasieger-Show ( 05.01.2009 ) we startet with Androsch, Amina, Buddy, Baluna and Brilliant-Bialy in the Breeder-Class. We make Place 3 from 7 groups.


My girls ( Inay & Ayani ) in July 2009.

At the 08.28.2009 Joachim and I ( Angelika ) had married. We say thank you for all greetings and gifts from the related, friends, owner and circle of friends.


This cake had we become from Buddy and his owner Sonja Schmidt. The window color come from the Amina`s owner`s, family Schneider.


 Androsch come self to the party.

At the 01.31.2010 we was all at the CAC Castrop-Rauxel. Frim left to right.

Baluna, Ayani ( mother from B-Litter ), Androsch ( father from B-Litter ), Brilliant Bialy, Basso, Amina, 

Inay ( the mother from A-Litter and grandmother from B-Litter ), Buddy.

Also we startet Breeder Class with 6 puppy`s and we make Place 1.

At the Clubmatch in Hövelhof 03.14.2010 we make Place 1 in the Breeder Class  ( from 4 breeders ), with

Androsch, Amina, Buddy, Baluna and Brilliant Bialy.

At the 09.05.2010 Europasiegershow in Dortmund Basso ( right ), Baluna ( middel ) and Buddy ( left ) startet Breederclass and make Place 2.

This lovley Christmas gift ( 2010 ) come from the puppy owner Gabriela Sturm. Thank you for that surprise.

At the 01.30.2011 Baluna ( left ), Basso ( middel ) and Buddy ( right ) startet breederclass at the CAC-Show in Castrop-Rauxel. They make Place 2. Thank the Owners for that result.


So we have learn that we have to right the name " von Haus Rubens ". Peter Paul Rubens was born near from my home, in Siegen ( Germany ). It gives a cake with his name.

Thank you Gaby for that gift.


At the CAC-Show from the Group Cologne ( 04.17.2011 ) we become in the Breederclass Place 1.

Thank you to the owner.

At the 06.2011 Ayani, Ceelah, Chany and I was the the Television show ( RTL Stern TV ). It was a intresting and hard evening.

More photo`s at the C-Litter site

My girls: Ayani with daughter Ceelah, at the June 2011.

At the CAC-Show in Castrop-Rauxel we startet with 6 puppy`s ( from left:Buddy, Chany, Ceelah, Baluna, Basso, Amina ) Breederclass and make Place 1.

At the CACIB Lingen ( 04.28.2012 ) we startet with Chany ( left ), Baluna ( middle ), Ceelah ( right ) Breederclass and we make Place 1. Thank you Gaby und Oli.

Familymeeting at the Europasiegershow ( Dortmund 05.11.2012 ).

From the left: Amina ( 7 years ), Buddy ( 4 years ), Daika-Damira ( 10 weeks ), Ceelah ( 14 months ).

At the 08.12.2012 we have a puppy-meeting at Haus Rubens

from left: Yukon, Chany, Amina, Daika-Damira, Ceelah, Arthus, Basso, Baluna, Buddy. In the back girlfriend Sina. Dolly, Maya and Sina are the family from Buddy and Yukon, so she comes also. It was a great day and we make it in the future again.

More photos from the puppy meeting ( Klick here )

At the Bundessieger and Nationale Show in Dortmund ( 10.13.2012 & 10.14.2012 ) we startet Breederclass. From left to right: Amina, Chany, Ceelah, Buddy, and we make alle two day`s Place 2. Thank you All.

At the CAC show in Castrop-Rauxel we startet Breederclass and become with Amina, Buddy, Basso, Ceelah and Daika-Damira Place 1. Thank you all, it is a long day in Castrop-Rauxel.

The family photo from the great day in Castrop-Rauxel. January 2013



My new office, in March 2013. They are 83 cups and 24 rosettes from 3 dogs and 8 rosettes from Baro in Finnland. Many cups from Inay I lost at the fire.

At the CACIB Luxembourg ( 03.31.2013 ) we startet the first time Coupleclass with Ceelah and Yukon.

Also we startet Breederclass and come under the Best 6 Breeders from 20 breeders. From left: Buddy, Chany, Ceelah, Daika-Damira and Debby.


On 02 May 2013, we had to reluctantly say goodbye to our Fly ( Jen Di`s Epic Journey) take. He was, unfortunately, only just over 12 years old, but even now we were again powerless over the cancer given. Fly by Leoni and I were friends. Without him I would not Ayani and their children. I miss him already very.


We have a great family day at the CAC Show Oldenburg at the 05.04.2013 and in the evening we make Place 3 at the Breederclass, with Chany, Daika-Damira, Debby and Ceelah. Thank you all for this wonderfule day.

 Also Ceelah and Yukon startet Coupleclass and make Place 1.


At the 05.10.2013 we make with Buddy, Ceelah and Daika-Damira Place 1 at the Breederclass ( CACIB Dortmund ) and at the Europasieger Show we make Place 3 in the Breederclass.

Ceelah and Yukon startet Coupleclass at the Europasieger Show in Dortmund , at the 05.12.2013 and make Place 2.

A great family day at the CAC show from the group Nordeifel-Selfkant, at the 06.23.2012, this day end with the Place 1 in the Breederclass.


Breederclass with Amina, Ceelah, Chany, Daika-Damira and Debby.

More photos from the family day in Dorsten

At the CACIB Show Ludwigshafen ( 07.27.2013 ) we make in the Breederclass under the judge Peter Machetanz ( D ) Place 1, with Amina, Ceelah, Chany and Daika-Damira.


At the Nationale Show Bremen ( 08.04.2013 ) Yukon and Ceelah goes Coupleclass and the judge Jochen Eberhard ( D ) give us Place 3. At the Breederclass, with the judge Ewin Deutscher ( A ) we make Place 1. ( Ceelah, Chany, Daika-Damira and Debby ).

Thank you.

At the CAC Eitorf ( 08.18.2013 was so many owner from the there. Stephanie have make it.

That we startet Breederclass with: Amina, Basso, Buddy, Ceelah, Chany and Daika-Damira. The judge Henning Schenk ( D ) give us Place 1.

Ceelah and Yukon startet in the Coupleclass and make Place 1.

The family photo with all throphy`s. From left: Emino, Basso, Chany, Yukon, Ceelah, Ebby ( the Kleinspitz lives with Baluna ), Daika-Damira, Amina and Buddy.


At the CACIB Luxembourg we startet with Ceelah, Chany, Daika-Damira and Debby Breederclass. The judge Mrs. Balazsovits ( H ) give us Place 1. The throphy are 56 cm ( smilie )Thank you all.

At the September 2013 we buy the first site from the German Spitzmagazin. Sonja, Claudia, Rolf, Hiltrud, Stephanie and Gaby help me. On the photos: Buddy, Ceelah, Chany, Daika-Damira, Debby and Yukon.


At the Bundessiegershow Dortmund at the 10.11.2013 we startet Breederclass with Ceelah, Chany, Daika-Damira and Debby. The judge Erwin Deutscher ( A ) give us Place 2. In the Coupleclass with Ceelah and Yukon we become no Place, but the photo are so great.

At the Internationale Show in Dortmund at the 10.12.2013 we make no Place in the Breederclass but Ceelah and Yukon make Place 3 in the Coupleclass.

At the Nationale Show Kassel ( 12.07.2013 ) Ceelah, Chany and Daika-Damira startet Breederclass. We become Place 2.

This Christmas- & New Year greetings card have we become from the resident " vom Brüchl ".

Christmascard2013 ( Klick here )

New Year Card 2013 ( Klick here )

All years we have a family meeting at the CAC show in Castrop-Rauxel ( 02.02.2014 ).


So we startet Breederclass ( Amina, Daika-Damira, Debby and Chany ) and make Place 1. Thank you owners.

The 2 girls play carneval ( 03.01.2014 ) and play grandmother ( Amina left ) and little red riding hood ( right Daika-Damira )

In June 2014 I was told by my husband that he has a girlfriend and thus live Ayani,Ceelah, Samu and Hiraani. In our new house.


Familyphoto at the CAC Show in Dorsten ( 06.21.2014 )

from left to right: Ayani, Debby, Chany, Ceelah and Forrest


On 08.23.2014 &08.24.2014 Chany ( with Gaby), Amina (with Stephanie) Ceelah and me at the German Winner & International Show in Leipzig The judge Peter Machetanz (left) gave us about 17 Breedergroups Place 3. The next day we started with 7Breedergroups and the judge Hans Wibleshauser rewarded us with Place 1.

These trophies and ribbon we brought from Leipzig.

At the Internationale Show in Dortmund ( 10.17.2014 ) Ceelah, Chany and Debby startet Breederclass. The judge Hans-Erhard Grüttner ( D ) give us Place 3.

Also at this Show Ceelah and Yukon startet Coupleclass. The judge Luis Pinto Teixeira ( P ) give us

Place 1.

At the 10.18.2014 we visit the smal Spitz litter from Ebby, Sonja and Olli and we have a little family meeting with:(  from left ) Ceelah, Ayani, Baluna and Debby


This concrete Spitz ( 45 kg ) I become from Gaby Sturm and Sonja Schmidt as Christmas gift ( 2014 ). I was soooo lucky that I have no words. Thank you so much.

This are the sunrise I see it from my new house. ( 01.13.2015 )

At the CAC in Castrop-Rauxel (02.01.2015) ran Yukon and Ceelah Coupleclass and we become Place 4.
We also ran with
Breederclass: Amina, Basso, Ceelah, Chany, Emino, Daika-Damira, Fleur, Freja and become Place 1
Ayani Offspring-Group was allowed for the first time with their children and grandchildren run (Amina, Basso, Buddy, Baluna, Ceelah, Chany, Emino, Daika-Damira, Fleur, Freja, Alina vom Brüchl) we were rewarded with
Place 1.

The judge was so excited and so said a large, similar group would not even look at a World- Championship-Show.

The new family photo from the Show in Castrop-Rauxel, 02.01.2015


At the CAC Show in Hövelhof ( 03.15.2015 ) Amina, Ceelah, Daika and Fleur startet Breederclass. The judge Peter Machetanz ( D ) give us Place 1.

At the Internationale Show in Dortmund ( 05.09.2015 ) we startet Offspring-Class. Ayani are the mother and grandmother from Ceelah, Daika-Damira, Freja, Fleur and Alina vom Brüchl. The judge Horst Kliebenstein ( D ) give us Place 1.


At the CAC Show in Lehre ( 06.07.2015 ) Ayani ( left ) startet Offspring-Class with her daughter`s Ceelah, Chany, Debby, Daika-Damira and granddaughter Alina vom Brüchl. She become Place 1. The right photo is the Breederclass with Ceelah, Chany, Debby and Daika-Damira. The judge Gabriele Gamalski ( D ) give us Place 2.


At the CAC Show in Kerpen , at the 06.21.2015 Ayani ( left ) startet Offspring-Class with her daughter`s Ceelah, Daika-Damira and the grandchilderen Freja, Fidou, Alina and Aron vom Brüchl. The judge Gerda Kastl ( D ) give her Place 1. The right photo are the family from left: grandson Aron vom Brüchl, granddaughter Alina vom Br�chl, daughter Ceelah, mother and grandmother Ayani, daughter Daika-Damira, grandson Fidou, granddaughter Freja and from my first litter Amina.


At the 08.08.2015 at the CACIB Show we startet Breederclass ( left ) with Ceelah, Chany, Fidou and Freja. The judge Josef Pohling ( D ) give us Place 1. Also we startet Offspring of Ayani with her daughter: Ceelah, Chany and Daika-Damira and grandchildren: Fidou, Freja and Alina vom Brüchl. The judge Josef Pohling ( D ) give us Place 1.

This are the familyday`s at the Show.

At the 10.08.2015 we visit Freja ( in back ). She go in November to the USA. Left Ceelah, in front Ayani and after Freja Samu.

Now the box for small items (drugs, brush, scissors, collars, etc.) is completed and as colorful as it need the puppies.

At the CAC Show in Eitorf ( 04.17.2016 ) we startet Breederclass ( Chany, Daika-Damira, Fidou and Fleur ). The judge Georg Walther ( D ) give us Place 2.

Samu, Fidou, Ayani and Fleur stay for the BOB. What great for the family.

07.11.2016 Ayani ( 10 years ) and Ceelah ( 5 years ) in the garden.

At the 08.14.2016 we have Puppy Meeting. The Grandchildren from Ayani ( vom Brüchl ) was also there.



They was 16 dogs (, Ayani, Ceelah, Daika-Damira, Easy, Fleur, Gorm, Gismo, Gimli, Gioia, Gwenda, Gaya, Grandchildren: Alina, Aron, Bonny and Baika vom Brüchl and our Samu ) and 25 people. At was a great day. In 4 years we make the next Puppy Meeting.

Diashow: from the puppy meeting

At the CACIB Show Leipzig we startet Breederclass.

Ceelah, Chany and Daika-Damira make Place 2 under the judge Dr. Winfried Peper ( D ).

All this throphy we become with 4 dogs at the Show in Leipzig.


At the CAC Show in Oberhausen we have a liitle family meeting and many fun.

We all with the trophy`s. From left: Gioia, Gorm, Ceelah, Samu, Ayani, Alina, Daika-Damira, Gwenda, Fleur.


We startet there Breederclass ( Ceelah, Daika-Damira, Fleur ) and make Place 2. In the Coupleclass ( Ceelah, Samu ) we make Place 1 under the judge Rudi Hartmann ( D ).

At the CACIB Show Giessen ( 09.04.2016 ) we startet Breederclas with Ceelah, Chany and Daika-Damira and make Place 1 under the judge Christine Rossier ( CH )



At the CACIB Show in Luxembourg Samu and Daika-Damira startet Coupleclass and win Place 3 from 14 Couples. The judge was Helene Hallier ( F ). Left Samu`s trohy and right teh glas trophy for the Coupleclass Place 3.

Video: Samu and Daika-Damira Coupleclass

Video: Samu and Daika-Damira become Place 3


At the Bundessieger Show Dortmund ( 10.14.2016 ) we startet Breederclass with Ceelah, Chany, Daika-Damira and Fidou. The judge Dr. Winfried Peper give us Place 3.


Ayani startet Offspring at the Internationale Show Dortmund ( 10.15.2016 ) with Ceelah, Chany, Daika-Damira, Fleur and Fidou. The judge Joachim Dux ( D ) give us Place 1.

Stephie, Ayani, Ceelah, Samu and I was from 11.03-11.07.2016 for a Show in Danmark.


We look the city Silkeborg


Our holiday house in Truust. So we have a very nice weekend.

Video: Ayani, Ceelah ans Samu play in the snow ( Janaur 2017 )

My new bay window

At the 03.12.2017 Gismo visit us.

Family photo: Ceelah, Samu, Gismo and Ayani


Samu and Alina vom Brüchl startet couple class at the CAC Show Karlsdorf ( 07.09.2017 ). The judge Beatrix Märki Casanova ( CH ) give her Place 1.

At the CACIB Show Ludwigshafen ( 08.12.2017 ) Samu and Alina startet Coupleclass. The judge Horst Kliebenstein ( D ) give us Place 2.

At the 08.22.2017 Ceelah, Samu, Hiraani and I visit Fleur and Gwenda. It was a very nice day.

At the 08.26.2017 we was on the farm market. From left: Daika-Damira, Hiraani, Ceelah, Samu, Alina.

From 11.07.2017 - 11.11.2017 we were at the German Winner and World Dog Show in Leipzig. That this would be very special days, was not clear to us at the beginning.

Our Ceelah was World Junior Champion 2012 and also World Champion 2017. I can`t believe it. She are 6 3/4 years old and mother from 21 puppy`s.

The other hit was: The Leoni, Ceelah, Alina and I were allowed to enter at the opening ceremony of the World Dog Show (11.09.2017) with the German Dog Breeds. We should disguise the activity of the dog breeds and so Leoni and I went as farmer.



Ceelah, Chany and Debby become all two day`s Place 2 in the Breederclass


Samu and Alina vom Brüchl win all two day`s the Coupleclass, Place 1.

The next great joy was the visit of my godchild Sonja. After 15 years, she exhibited Alina vom Brüchl at the World Dog Show and she got an Excellent 4 out of 11 Femal`s. Learned is just learned.


My girls in November 2017. Left Hiraani ( 7 months ) right mother Ceelah ( 6 3/4 years ).

Ceelah and Samu startet Coupleclass at the CAC Show Kassel ( 12.09.2017 ). The judge Josef Pohling ( D ) give her Place 3.


Also at the 12.10.2017 Ceelah and Samu startet Coupleclass at the CACIB Show in Kassel. The judge Miroslav Zidar ( SL ) give her Place 1. On the photo`s you can see the same movment from the two dogs.

At the Kerstshow in Gornichem ( NL, 12.17.2017 ) Samu and Alina startet Coupleclass. The judge H. Hoernderken ( Nl ) give Place 3.

This wonderfull Christmas gift ( Calender 2018 ) come from the owners from Hilani. Thank you Ricarda and Lars.

The next Calender 2018 come from Martina, Hannes and Drago vom Brüchl from France. Drago are a son from Daika-Damira & Samu. Thank you.

At the CACIB Show Luxemburg ( 04.08.2018 ) we startet Breederclass with Daika-Damira ( 6 years middle ), Gaya ( 2 years left )and Hiraani ( 1 year right ). The judge  Dianne Degryze ( B ) give us Place 1.

Video: Breederclass in the Mainring

Video: Breederclass 1

Video: Breederclass 2

My dream, April 2018

At the CAC Lehre Debby, Daika-Damira and Hiraani startet Breederclass. The judge Gerda Kastl ( D ) give us Place 1. In the middle Jana. She startet the first time Junior Handling with Daika-Damira and make Place 1.


At the CACIB Show in Lingen ( 04.29.2018 ) Samu and Hiraani startet the first time Coupleclass. The judge Erwin Deutscher       ( A ) give her Place 2.

Also we startet Breederclass with Debby ( left ), Daika-Damira ( behind ), Hiraani ( middle ) and Chany ( right ). The judge Hanne Laine Jensen ( DK ) give her Place 1.


At the CAC Show in Dorsten ( 07.14.2018 ) Chany, Hiraani and Holly startet Breederclass. The judge Peter Machetanz ( D ) and Henning Schenk ( D ) give us Place 1. At this weekend Sandra from Danmark visit us with her Male Duke. After the Show we are happy. Samu make Best Male and Duke 2te Best Male.

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