Hiraani von Haus Rubens

Hiraani are born at the 04.09.2017 and she live with her grandmother Ayani and mother Ceelah.

  Hiraani comes from Sanskrit and means gold.

The 8 weeks you can see it on the H-Litter site


Hiraani 8 weeks                                     and 10 months

Father: Ch. Fili Mag Force

Mother: Ch. Ceelah von Haus Rubens

Hiraani`s Pedigree

PHPt negativ by descent

Charactertest passed at the 04.15.2018. Judge Gerda Kastl.


Frühjahres-Youth-Champion 2018

Europa-Youth-Champion 2018




1 x Best Baby

3 x Best Puppy

4 x Youth-BOB

3 x Best Youth Female

1 x Place 2 Best Youth Dog at Show.

1 x BOS


Hiraani with 9 weeks

Video: Hiraani with the cow

At the 07.16.2017 Hiraani visit her grandfather Nelly`s Tasco in the Netherland.


The first time in the dishes on the back car. This was comfortable.


At Gerdie I first made prey and on the walk I should rock

Than I was so tired

Hiraani meet at the 08.12.2017 ihre sister Hilani ( 18 weeks old ) at the CACIB Show Ludwigshafen. The little girls have fun.

Left Hiraani, right Hilani

Viedo when the girls play

Hiraani ( 18 weeks ) with her mother Ceelah ( 6 years 9 ), 08.16.2017

At the 08.22.2017 we visit Hermine on her Form. Ceelah and Hiraani see the cow`s.


Also they meet the Berner-Sennen girl Elsa. They are the best friend from Hermine.

After that we visit Fleur and Gwenda.


left photo Fleur ( in front Ceelah ) right photo Gwenda

The rat from Gwenda are a very nice toy.

Video: Hiraani pratice for her first show

Than Hiraani startet at her first Show. CACIB Luxemburg ( 09.02.2017 )


The judge Luis Catalan ( P ) give her in the Babyclass Very Promising 1, Best Baby.

Hiraani in the Mainring.

Video: Hiraani at the Mainring


Hiraani looks TV and the best are animals. She are 5 months today ( 09.09.2017 ).

Hiraani`s first holiday at the Kennel " vom Brüchl ".

At little Story ( German )


Hiraani drive in holiday and we grandmother Ayani, mother Ceelah and aunz Daika-Damira she stand in the disher.


Playing with the cat Momo and she learn to wait for the foot.


The garden so big that she can wonderfull play.


And she go to the funfair. That was great but after that she are tired.

Hiraani was at the CACIB Show Dortmund, at the 10.15.2017. The judge Josef Pohling ( D ) give her in the Puppyclass, Very Promising 1, Best Puppy.

Also Hiraani startet at the Bundessieger Show in Dortmund ( 10.15.2017 ). The judge Ursula Meyer ( D ) give her in the Puppyclass Very Promising 2.

Hiraani startet at the CAC Show Kassel ( 12.09.2017 ). The judge Gabriela Richard ( D ) give her in the Puppyclass Very Promising 1, Best Puppy.

When I make it good on the Show


I become a toy.

Also Hiraani was at the CACIB Show ( 12.10.2017 ) in Kassel. The judge Georg Walther ( D ) give her in the Puppyclass Very Promising 2. It is lucky to see that one day Hiraani and one day her sister Holly win. That are the same to mother Ceelah and her sister Chany.

At the 01.21.2018 Fleur and Gwenda visit us. Gwenda are 2 years today, so we make birthday party. Hirrani are happy to meet her halfsister and can play. Also you can see the family. The girls have 3 father.

left Hiraani, right Gwenda


left Hiraani, middle Gwenda, right Fleur


Hiraani and Gwenda play ( left ), right: my home with many Keeshonde

Samu and Hiraani in January 2018 are best friend.


Hiraani play with her aunt and mother Ceelah looks all is well? ( 02.17.2018 )

Chany visit her sister Ceelah on this day, but the have 7. birthday.

Video: Hiraani play with her aunt Chany

Hiraani was at the CACIB Show Luxemburg ( 04.08.2018 ). The judge Christine Bodson ( F ) give her in the Youthclass Exellent 2, Res.-Jgd-CACL.

Video: Hiraani in the Ring

Hiraani was at the CAC-Show in Lehre ( 04.15.2018 ) . The judge Gerda Kastl give her in the Youthclass Exellent 1, Jgd-CAC, VDH-Jgd-CAC, Youth-BOB. Also Hiraani passed the Charactertest.


Hiraani was at the Clubmatch from the Begium Spitz Club ( 04.22.2018 ). The judge Alessandro Zeppi ( I ) give her in the Youthclass Exellent 1, Best Youth-Female, Youth-BOB, Place 2 Best Youth at Show.

Hiraani say: all for me????


Hiraani startet at the CACIB Show in Lingen ( 04.29.2018 ). The judge Peter Machetanz ( D ) give her in the Youthclass Exellent 1, Jgd-CAC-VDH, Jgd-CAC, Youth-BOB. So Hiraani make the second Show for breeding qualification and she make it also with Exeelnt 1, as her grandmother Ayani and mother Ceelah. The second photo Hiraani in the BOB Group.

At the 05.01.2018 we visit the puppy`s from Samu and Alina vom Brüchl. Big cousin Hiraani looks for her.



Video: Hiraani play with the puppy`s

Hiraani was at the Internationale Show Dortmund ( 05.11.2018 ). The judge Claus-Peter Fricke ( D ) give her in the Youthclass Exellent 1, Jgd-CAC-VDH, Jgd-CAC, Frühjahres-Youth-Champion, Youth-BOB. So Hiraani have the last award for the VDH-Youth-Champion and Club-Youth-Champion.

At the Europasieger Show ( 05.13.2018 ) Hiraani startet in the Youthclass. The judge Peter Machetanz ( D ) give her Exellent 1, Jgd-CAC-VDH, Jgd-CAC, Europa-Youth-Champion, Youth-BOB, BOS.

At the 05.22.2018 Haja visit us. The sistern has many fun.

At the 05.30.2018 Hiraani and I visit Gismo and Hiraani learn him the a Kees can fly.




Hiraani was at the CAC Show Dorsten ( 07.14.2018 ). The judge Henning Schenk ( D ) give her in the Intermedianclass Exellent 1, VDH-CAC. So Hiraani has her first Award for the first great Championtitle.