The C - Puppy`s are born at 02.17.2011.

Two girls

PHPT negativ by parents from Dr. Goldstein, Cornell Institut USA.



The two girl`s had her first television show.

                            mother: Ch. Schamayra`s Ayani

Father: Ch. Nelly`s Tasco                       Mother: Ch. Schamyra`s Ayani
                                                          born: 10.07.2004  (  B 1 )                         born: 05.19.2006 (  A 2 )
 PHPT negativ, DNA testet                      PHPT negativ, DNA testet
Owner:Gerdie Hegemann, Netherland

Name Hip-X-ray PHPT Character Test Comment weight after born
Ceelah Pink A1 negativ passend at the 12.10.2011 For breed 365 g
Chany Yellow   negativ passend at the 12.10.2011   331 g


At the 01.13.2011 we have make a ultrasound. You can see 1 puppy.


All ist ready and we wait for the puppy`s.


                              Left yellow 331 g and right pink 365g.

One girl stay with us ( Ceelah ) and the second was long promised ( Chany ). So we have the name.


They are 1 weeks old and they have more than doubled their weight.


They 2 weeks old and the eyes are open. Left pink, right yellow and they are soooooo.... tired.

1. Video: Ceelah and Chany with 2 weeks 03.01.2011


After 3 weeks the pink ( left ) have 1770 g and the yellow ( right ) 1660 g.


The puppy kennel is ready and find the pair are still not great, but the sister love is probably just sweet.

At the 03.12.2011 she eat her first mash. It was so sweet.


At the 03.13.2011 the halfsister Baluna visit us with her family. Maximilian found the puppy`s very nice.


They we are 4 weeks old. Left pink girl, right yellow girl.

Where are the Boss???Up pink, down yellow.

At the 03.19.2011 we become visit. Left yellow girl ( Chany ) with Leoni Poschung ( Breeder from Ayani , CH ) and right pink girl ( Ceelah ) with Gerdie Hegemann ( owner from Tasco, NL ). So I have decide.

The Puh-Bear become the girl`s from J�rg and Petra Lehmann and who bring the Schwitzerlands cow`s ?

2. Video: Ceelah and Chany the first time into the garden.03.19.2011


Ceelah ( left ) and Chany ( right ) are 5 weeks old.

Also Amina visit us with her family at the 03.24.2011

 3. Video: Ceelah and Chany are playing with 5 weeks. 03.24.2011


At the 03.26.2011 Gundel ( our Pugfriend ) visit the puppy`s. Ceelah found she so nice. The weather are great and the puppy`s play in the garden.


So we are 6 weeks old and Gaby comes with her grandchildren, that was so funny. Mother Ayani found it also. She become the first Puppy-Spaghetti ( left Chany, right Ceelah ).

4. Video: Ceelah and Chany in the ball mussel, with 6 weeks


Ceelah ( pink )                                      Chany ( yellow )

Today ( 04.07.2011 ) Ceelah ( in front ) and Chany ( ball ) are 7 weeks old.

5. Video: Ceelah in Action, 7 weeks

6. Video: Chany in Action, 7 weeks

Today ( 04.14.2011 ) Ceelah ( left ) and Chany ( right )  8 weeks old and tomorrow Chany goes to new owner. Today my heart cry.

The last video from Ceelah and Chany with 8 weeks ( 04.14.2011 )



This big photoalbum was a gift from Gaby as she goes home with Chany ( 04.15.2011 )

Thank you Gaby.

This gift we become from Gerdie and Breeder from Tasco Michaela.

Thank you very much.


At the 05.03.2011 Chany visit us. We are all happy with this meeting. The little girl`s eat in old time.

Ceelah and Chany 10,5 weeks old. ( Video 05.03.2011 )

At the 06.12.2011 Ayani, Ceelah and Chany goes to the live show at the RTL Stern TV.


                                      Ceelah                                                       Chany


                               left Chany, right Ceelah                        left Ceelah, right Chany, behind Ayani  



Chany with 19 weeks ( 07.10.2011 )

This photo from Chany have we become from Gaby,thank you I`m very happy. At the 08.17.2011 the " little " girls are 6 months old.

At the Clubmatch in the Netherland, at the 08.28.2011 we have a family date. Left father Tasco, daughter Ceelah, mother Ayani and daughter Chany. It was nice to see the little family.


Chany ( left ) and Ceelah ( right ) with 7 months



At the 09.29.2011 Chany visit us. Left Photo, up Chany, middle Ceelah, right mother Ayani. right Photo, left Ceelah, right Chany.

Video from Ceelah and Chany, 09.29.2011


Anna with Chany ( 8 months ) in October 2011. They are now words...... the photo say all!


The C-litter girls with 9 months ( 11.27.2011 ). Left Ceelah, right Chany. They are not " little beauties " become?

After the first Show in Kassel ( 12.10.2011 ) the mother Ayani ( middle ), with the daughter`s Ceelah ( behind )and Chany ( before ) are very thierd in the hotel room.

Chany`s first snow with 10 months. She mean: A bit of the white stuff is funny, yes, but cool.

At the 01.11.2012 Chany ( left ) visit Ceelah ( middle ) and mother Ayani ( right ). That was a happy day.


Chany ( left ) and Ceelah ( right ) at her 1 birthday. What nice girls and I congratulation again.



 Chany with 13 months ( march 2012 )


Chany im May 2012 in Austria


Chany with 16 months


At the 07.22.2012 the sister`s Ceelah ( left, 17 months ), Debby ( middle 20 weeks ) and Chany ( right 17 months ) have a meeting in Lehre. That was a great day.

Chany with 18 months.



Chany in October 2012, with 20 months.


Chany with 22 months im Dezember 2012


At the Christmastime ( 2012 ) Chany help on the Christmasmarket.

At the 08.01.2013 we visit Chany and it was a great day.


Left Chany, right Ceelah and the sisters have many luck to play.


Also play with mother Ayani. Photo right Ayani and Chany.


This wonderfule book I become to the 2te birthday from the C-girls. That are the 2 years from Chany`s live. Mother Ayani and sister Ceelah become this big bone.

Thank you Gaby for this geat gift.



Chany in may with her owner Gaby and in the dogshool. Chany have make her 3te test ( Charactertest from the dog school ) with exellent very good result and we are happy.


Chany work with her owner in the garden and it was a happy day.


Chany at the dog shool.

Chany play in October 2013 a movie.

She was a Fairy.

Sleeping beauty with a difference ( Video ( German ) klick here )


Chany with her gifts on her 3 . birthday, 02.17.2014

Video from Chany in Dezember 2014


The picture are just awesome!!!! Chany such a view, smilie..... Dezember 2014

Little sister Daika-Damira congratulation to the 4. birthday.

Hello Ceelah and Chany , my two older sisters , I wish all the best and love for her birthday. If you like since , with all your quirks, but that's why we love you. Your niece Alina would like to congratulate you most warmly , as Amina . Also wish you both , our biped to wish your special day all the best. Let you today pampering you deserve . Your little sister Daika - Damira , niece Alina and Amina .

Chany in autumm 2015. The photo are a dream.

Chany January 2017 with 6 years.



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