With 6 and 7 month old, puppies are really going to be cool: They are Belgian Shepherd dogs.

At the 12.28.2008 we visit Basso. We was all very happy to see us.

At the 12.09.2008 we visit Baluna ( 7 months ), left Granmother Inay, middle Baluna, right mother Ayani

Happy new year we make all years a party with Androsch and Bialy ( almost right ) 12.31.2008


From the 01.15.2009 - 01.19.2009 we all visit the Switzerland. Ayani play and look at her halfsister ( 5 weeks old ).

Also playing with her halfsister Schamayra`s Beam Shadow Pearl ( 1 1/2 year ) was soooooo great.

They was the best place for Inay ( 10 years ), as we visit the Switzerland ( 01.15.2009 - 01.19.2009 ).Serge are her best friend.




From 04.02.2009 after 04.06.2009 I visit Baro and his family in Finnland. It was a very nice weekend and I have see many thinks. At Sunday we visit Silja and Jörg Beierschoder ( right down ). I say allmost thanks for this wonderfule weekend.


At the 08.02.2009 we visit Basso ( left 15 months ), middel mother Ayani ( 3 years ) and at teh right grandmother Inay ( 10,5 years ). At the second picture left Basso right Ayani

At the 09.17.2009 we visit Brilliant Bialy ( 16 months ) and her father Androsch. 



At the 09.17.2009 we visit Brilliant Bialy and Androsch. Ayani was playing with the Main Coon Aslan ( 1 year  old ).


Happy new year party in the Switzerland 2009-2010, Maya with her house ( middle ),Inay , Ayani and I ( right )


Father Fly ( left ), Inay on her best place ( middle ), Leoni with Ayani ( front ) and Abyss ( back ) 


Ayani are playing with Amor ( left ), 9 dogs in holiday ( middle ), they want eat ( right )


Where come??? ( left ), Party at midnight 2009 , they country ( right ).





At the 01.21.2010 after 01.25.2010 I visit, Baro, Nuutti, Eila, Pekka and Eila`s family. On saterday evening we have a meeting with the Finnisch Keeshond Club. ( Angelika, Pekka, Eila, Mirja ).

It was always very nice day`s as in year 2009.

Thank you Eila and Pekka

Ayani`s father Fly in February 2010, 6 weeks in Germany and he make`s holiday


I think what was a great time

Okay.. it was... 2 girls from Schweden come to visit us.

Lohamras No No Nanette and Lohamras Prisma Primadonna, with the owner Gunnar Dalquist

Then we visit Basso in April 2010



What is that????? How is how ???????


At the June 2009 I drive with Leoni and Iris to the Worlddogshow in Denmark. We had  a very nice hotel in Bork.


Ayani`s halfbrother Schamayra`s Delta Dschohnny ( Bajo ) make Exellent 1 in the Intermedienclass and I found a new friend. The Russian boy Fountlery Little Lord. He make exellent 3 in the Championclass.

Also I meet friend`s Gunnar Dalquist, with his first breed male Lycckovallens Ansgar. The World Junior Winner 2010

Also I found new friends, so it was a very good weekend.

Elena and Olga, Keeshondbreeder from Russland ( Aistraum Kennel )

In July 2010 we goes 5 day`s to the Schwitzlerland.


In summer it is also nice.We meet Leoni and have very nice day`s by Maja.


Left Ayani with her halfbrother Schamayra`s Fox Flemming ( Filou 14 weeks ). Right Bonita, Angelo and Ayani in the garden.


At the 08.09.2010 Buddy visit us with Dagino ( Pug-Mix ).


Ayani and Dagino have a nice day and they play a lot of time.........


At the 08.14.2010 Gundel, Cl�rchen and Leni ( + 02.14.2012 the sister from Dagino ) visit us. The Pug`s are the best friend from Ayani. Leni goes to the raibowbright as she was not 2 years old. We cry that we lost her so.


Who is the 3te dog???????

yeh...............there is Ylva ( 6 months ). She visit us at the 10.03.2010 and in October 2010 Fly make also holiday in our home.


At the 10.23. & 10.24.2010 Waltraud and O`Kiss ( halfbrother from Inay ) visit us. It was a very nice weekend and we make it more.

At the Winster-Amsterdam (11.27.2010 ). We " 7 " had much fun. Left Claudia, right Marek

left: Ylva, Ayani, Pina, Velvet.


New Year 2010-2011 in the Switzerland. The Mounten, Ayani at the snow.


Maja with Abyss, Dolli at the sofa, Ayani on the floor.  Angelo at the snow.

A group foto smilie.......Angelo, Bonita, Fly, Dolli, Abyss and Ayani.

At was allmost very nice day`s.

One year later ( 05.27.2011 - 05.30.2011 ), so I fly to Finnland and visit Baro with his family. 



We drink Champagne for the new Championtitle.


We visit Eila`s son in Espoo.


                                   Also visit we Eila`s Mum.                 This Restaurant wa sso nice....


                                                            Silja and I as the Clubmatch


The summer house from Pekka and Eila. It is sooooooooooooooooooo wonderfule......

Thank you Pekka and Eila for this very nice weekend.

At the 07.08.2011 - 07.10.2011  I visit France. The World Dog Show in Paris. We have no dogs with us and so we also to the Paris city.




Also I meet Elena and Olga from Russia again. So we have a very nice weekend.Next year I drive to Salzburg ( Austria ) but with my dogs.

At the 07.26.2011 Ceelah and Ayani visit Amina


Mom look!!!! they are turkey`s.......

and running ducks

At the 07.27.2011 Fayola visit us.


They have many fun and mother Ayani look: is it okay????

This summer we visit also Maja in the Switzerland ( 08.03.2011 - 08.09.2011 )


Cows for the home


The erica are bloom and the marmots are comming

At the 08.16.2011 we visit Basso.


Left Basso play with his halfssister Ceelah. Right mother Ayani with her 2 children.


Ceelah with Martina and Anni. Smilie...... the same as her mother.

To the Winner Amsterdam ( 11.27.2011 ) Leoni come with her dogs.


I don`t say what feet it is!!!!! Little July ( Schamayra`s Hot July Kiss ) is playing with Ayani and Ceelah.

Juhu...... our Fly was comming and also Abyss ( sister from Ayani ) and Dolli.

At the 02.08. - 02.12. 2012 we was in the Schwitzerland.


We have 2 m snow ( on the Motta 2000 m high )


You can not see the Diamantsnow, but it is lucky to sit on the " mountan snow " and look.


left Ceelah and her girlfriend July, right Pollar and Angelo

We have say, we go to the Worlddogshow Salzburg ( Austria ). So we startet at the 05.17.2012 - 05.21.2012.


That was our room and the wonderfule skylinie from Abtenau.

Over the pass we drive to the Wolfgangsee ( St. Wolfgang ). They was many snow.


We must eat Germknödel

We meet Claudia and Marek with Pina, velvet and Ylva at the show. At the right photo the tried Champion`s. Left Junior Word Champion Ceelah and right Abyss the World Champion and BOB.

At the 26.05.2012 my sister and I visit my father. So we was with 9 dogs from other breeds in his house. It was good to see what the dogs play.


Left Ayani with Abby ( Laeken 4 months ) right Ceelah with Abby


Abby, Maruk, Madinka und Ceelah


Left Madinka ( Portugies Waterdog 4 years ), Ronja ( black Pug 2 years ), right Gundel und Victor ( Pug 4 years ), Maruk ( Tervuere 11 years ) and Ceelah


Abby and Maruk, Abby alone. Also, but not on the photo our Romy  (Tervuere 12 years )

In June 2012 Ayani ( middle ) and Ceelah ( left ) make holiday by Amina ( in front ) and Daika-Damira

( right )

At the 06.25.2012 - 06.28.2012 Esther Carr ( Keeshonde RicKees ) visit us, to bring us RicKees Wild von Haus Rubens, from Canada. On the left photo with Sonja Schmidt. In the middle the gift from the Nationalen Show in Canada ( dog gromming apron ). Also we visit Amina and Daika-Damira ( right photo )

At the 09.13.2012 - 09.17.2012 I visit Baro in Finnland.


Nicke at the obedience and Pekka, Baro, Nicke and I at the walk.


Nicke say also hello. Pekka, Eila at I at the hotel.


The hotel in Hammaslathi and Silja and I at the clubmatch.

On sunday morning we are walking in the forrest



Also we must look the new puppy`s from Silja. They are very cut little bears.

Thank you Pekka and Eila so much for this wonderfule weekend. I`m beglad that I can`t come next year, but I have spoken, I come 2014 to the Clubmatch and also to the World-Dog-Show.

At the 12.14.-12.18.2012 we visit Maja in the Switzerland-


On the Motta ( 2000 m ) we have 1 m snow.


Many little cows was at Felis. Left Polar and right Angie


Left photo: Ceelah in front and Angie behind. So you see the family. Right photo: in front Ceelah, up Angie, right Ayani and left Polar.

At the 01.01.2013 we visit Basso


Ayani with G�nther and Anni


Than we walk in the Westerwald forest and as we come to the car they are:

Amon, a lovley dog ( Border-Collie ) alone. We speak with the police and than the owner come to us. So we was lucky, that Amon goes

At the 03.07.2013 I fly to Birmingham to got to the biggest Europa Dog Show ( Cruft`s ) in Brimingham ( England ). I was there for 13 years. We slepp in the Cstle Bromwich Hall Hotel, a very old Castle. After the shopping tour we drive with a old black englisch Taxi.

After the shopping tour in Brimingham we drink coffee and have fun the our bedroom, smilie....

I meet Jane Saunders ( left in the ring ) with her dogs ( middle ) Liefkees Angelika ( left ) and her sister Anabell ( right ). Also I was happy the meet Liefkees Angelika live. Jane give Angelika my name, after her mother became from me the last CC for the Englisch-Champion in Edingburgh ( right photo ).

My bigges happyness was to meet Glady Gates ( Seawind Kennel ) Canada, after 13 years.

Right photo the Cruft`s Winner with the judge Zena Thorn-Andrews ( UK ). Left: Female Neradmik Late Night Love ( Malta ), middle: Male Ikurin Stella Polaris ( Finnland ),right: Puppy Male Kichigai Where`s Wally ( England ).

Ayani, Ceelah, Dolli and July makes in September 2013 holiday at the home from Amina and Daika-Damira. Look here what she have make. ( Sorry in German )

Holiday September 2013 ( Klich here )

The year is over and we visit Maja in the Switzerland ( New Year 2013-2014 )


left photo Angie and Polar, the mountain Motta



almost the sweet cow`s and the sun go down over the moutain Flims


Ayani look what is Maja cocking, the tired Kees in the evening.

From 08.07.2014 - 08.11.2014 I was finally back in Finland. It worked out well, that was the World Dog Show in Helsinki.
So an event in a ring of honor I've never seen. It was just Fantastically beautiful.




On Sunday Pekka, Eila and I have made ​​a boat tour in Helsinki. At 27 degrees a dream !!


On this cruise I was 17 miles away from Estonia,smilie ...

Claudi and Debby have and from 10.16.2014 - 19.10.2014 visited and thus a family trip to Sonja, Olli and Baluna was planned. We had to look at but Ebby`s puppies.


Not only Claudi and I were absolutely thrilled with the little ones, but especially Ayani and Ceelah.


Claudi had her 6 month old Aussie female with Becky and Ayani again had to have a puppy to be a hell of fun. Playing without end.

The to the participation of Ceelah and me at the qualification for German Dog of the Year 2014. I Got 2 tickets for the Eukanuba World Challenge 2014 in Amsterdam ( NL) . It was a unique experien


The begin


The German Dog. 40 Nationen are there


The 12 Finalisten. Place 1 Affenpinscher, Place 2 Bobtail, Place 3 Maltheser

At the 03.20.2015 Enzo von Fritzi`s W�lfen ( 14 weeks ) visit us.


Ceelah und Enzo                            Ayani und Enzo


Ayani, Ceelah and Enzo have many fun.

From the 03.23.2015 over 03.25.2015 Ceelah and I visit Frenkie in the Netherland. We have very nice day`s and also we the two puppy`s ( 9 weeks ) from Frenkie and Kiwi.


Left Frenkie, right Ceelah ( left photo ). Right photo we the little puppy`s Lukas and Stein.

1 1/2 year later we visit Maja in Feldis ( Schwitzerland ). From 06.10.2015 - 06.16.2015


   Ayani, Ceelah, Polar and Ayani`s brother Angie make a walk in die City. The cow`s are on the street and we must drive .


A Very nice day at the Ski house of the Mutta ( 2000 m ). Thank you Marianne that you open for us.


Ayani and Ceelah have many fun on the Mutta


At the 06.13.2015  I visit the World-Dog-Show in Milano ( Italy ). Ayani`s sister Abyss are the new World-Veteranen-Champion 2015. I have a very nice day.


At the 01.02.2016 Ute Kaiser visit us with Lara and Caesy.It was a very nice day.

At the 07.03.2016 Mittelspitz Nörre visit us. Ayani, Ceelah, Daika-Damira, Alina and Samu was allways her.

Photos from Nörre and the Keeshond`s

Stephie, Ayani, Ceelah, Samu and I was from 11.03-11.07.2016 for a Show in Danmark.


We look the city Silkeborg


Our holiday house in Truust. So we have a very nice weekend.

At the 03.03. - 03.07.2020 Rolf, Stepahnie and I with Ceelah, Samu amd Famina-Ayani we visit the World biggest Dog Show the Crufts in England. We meet there Zahi and her daughter Noa from Israel.

We go with the Euro Shuttle


Than we a orgian Cottage book. Father Philip was so nice.






When we come to the Cottage, we have 2 Flowers and this wonderfule cake


The Polsworth Abby

On Wednesday we was in Tamworth


Tamworth Church

On Thursday we was with Zahi and Noa at the Crufts.

On Friday we all visit Warwick Castle.


Warwick Castle

Warwick Cathedrale


We look on Warwick


Into the Castle


And at the end we was at the dungeon.

From the 08.13-08.24.2021 Noa from Israel visit us. Es was a wonderfull time.


Samu was with us.

After the shopping trip from Cologne we must eat Donuts.

The next time it was raining


we go to Ikea



Haribo and Lindt

The next day we drive to the Dragon Mountain ( Drachenfels ).




We hope when the Millitäry time is over Noa come quick to Germany again.

Than the World-Dog-Show-Weekend 2021 was come. Stephanie, Samu, Ceelah and Famina-Ayani visit Brno-Czech Republic.

Brno are a very nice city and the beergarden was so wonderfull. I can sit there all days.

The people say Czech Republic are good for dogs and I must say yes it is.

We are at the boot and was shipping over the Moldau.


We make a city tour with the " Bimmel-Train "

And stay for the wonderfull clock in Prag

From the 03.10.-03.17.2022 we ( Gaby, Rolf, Pietro, Chany, Hiraani and I ) drive to the Crufts in England.


Warwick Castl and Warwick Church


Our favorit place Hatton Arms


The canal boats at Hatton Arms. There aré 26 locks in a row and apple pie with creamis a must.

                           Castel Nottingham and the house William Shakespeare are born ( Stratford-upon-Avon or Shakespeare Town )  
                                               That are the typical englisch sweet shop and the Harry Potter shop in Stratford-upon-Avon
                                                                                 Shakespeare Distillery . They make Gin and Rum




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