Melina von Haus Rubens

Melina are born at the 06.16.2022 and she live with her grandmother Ceelah, mother Hiraani and father Samu.

The 8 weeks you can see it on the M-Litter site


Melina 9 weeks                                   

Father: Multi-Ch., C.B.I. Bärchen Eisstern ( Samu )

Mother: Multi-Ch., C.I.B. Hiraani von Haus Rubens

Melina`s Pedigree

PHPt negativ by descent


Top-List at the Verein für Deutsche Spitze e.V.

all Keeshonde at the Show

Place Year Keeshonde


                                                                                Grandmother Ceelah are the best.


                                 At 9 week`s Melina was at the birthday party from Jaqueline and the unicorn was only for her.