The M-Litter are born at 16. June 2022

My Dream-Litter.....

3 Boys and 3 Girls



Father: Multi-Ch., C.I.B. Bärchen Eisstern                Mother: Multi-Ch.,C.I.B.

                       " Samu "                                                            Hiraani von Haus Rubens

       Born: 04.14.2015                                                     Born: 04.09.2017

Hipp A2, ED 0/0                                                       Hipp A2, ED 0/0

PHPT negativ by descent                                        PHPT negativ by descent

DNA testet                                                                    DNA testet



Hip/ ED- X-ray


Character Test


weight after born

Boy  - Blue





360 g

Boy - Green





318 g
Boy  - Black   negativ     322 g
Girl - Pink   negativ     306 g
Girl - Red   negativ     363 g
Girl - Purpel   negativ     330 g

At the 05.16.2022 we have ultrasound and we see 6 puppy`s.


Hirran`s baby bump with 6 week`s

The puppy room are completet


   At the 06.16.2022 the puppy`s are born. It was the same day after 4 years Ceelah become her last Litter ( I `s ).



Father Samu look in this night for the litter and when the puppy are born, he say hello my child. Gaby, Jaquline and I have a vers good night and I say thank you for help.

Wow one week are over


They lie back and forth and on their backs like Papa Samu.

Video: Mama Hiraani's milk is so delicious


Boy Blue                         Boy Green


Boy Black                       Girl Pink


Girl Red                  Girl Purpel





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