The I-Litter are born at the 16. June 2018.

3 Boys and 4 Girls


Father: Multi-Ch. Bärchen Eisstern ( Samu )    Mother: Multi-Ch. Ceelah von Haus Rubens

born: 04.14.2015 ( hip x-ray A 2, ED 0/0 )                   born: 02.17.2011 ( hip x-ray A 1 )

PHPT negativ by descent, DNA testet



Juhu.... Ceelah are pregnant.

The puppy room are ready and Ceelah looks is all right.






Character Test


weight after born

Boy Blue




Died at 06.22.2018

Meat flap defective

241 g

Boy Green - Igor





305 g
Boy Black - Ian-Inay   negativ     324 g
Girl Pink - I-Lai Fu   negativ     348 g
Girl Yellow - Ivory   negativ     265 g
Girl Purple - Ivy   negativ     314 g
Girl Red - Inay   negativ     315 g


Ceelah and the puppy`s after they was born

Daddy Samu look is all well


At the 06.22.2018 the blue Boy goes over the Rainbowbridge. He died 1 year and 2 day`s after his grandmother Ayani.

All other 6 puppy`s are well.

The 6 puppy`s 1 week old.


Left the 2 Boys and right the 4 Girls


Papa Samu clean the puppy`s and all adult dogs help.

We are 2 weeks old and the eyes are open.


Green Boy                                          Black Boy


Pink Girl                                                     Yellow Girl


Puple Girl                                                      Red Girl

And we have the first toy.

The time goes and the puppy are 3 weeks old


The yellow girl


Also we can eat and it is so sweet.

The puppy`s are 4 weeks old and she goes outside, but it is very hot in this months.

Video: The little puppy`s outside




Video: And play with halfsister Hiraani

We are 5 week`s old and the play begin and we are sweet puppy`s



and we eat Spagetti


Green Boy


Black Boy


Pink Girl


Yellow Girl


Purple Girl


Red Girl

The puppy`s are 6 week old and the play begin


The yellow girl Ivory, the green boy Igor



It is so hot they must have a bath

Video: Play in the puppy room

Video: They play on the bridge

Video: play on the wipp

The puppy`s are 7 weeks old and the fun begin


A little new funny toy cardboard tube

Love my halfsister Hiraani


Great children for play

Video: 2 hours in the garden

In the week 8. and 9. we have many fun.

My best mom

At the 08.10.2018 photoshooting with Gaby Greese. Thank you for the wonderfull photos.


Ivy and Igor


Ivory and Igor

On 08.14.2018 we were in Cologne in the movie studio. The liitle puppy`s were allowed to shoot a credentials documentary for a whole day. However, we still can not say where, how, what. But we had everything what you need and with the other puppyies present the 6 had great fun.


Halfsister Hiraani and Mom Ceelah come to play.


Ian-Inay with 9 - 10 & 11 weeks.


Ivory with 9 & 10 weeks


I-Lai Fu with 9 & 11 weeks

Ian-Inay goes to Israel and the owner fron I- Lai Fu is moment in China, so this puppy`s live with us to Oktober.

Than the other 4 puppy`s goes home.


This gift I become from Josephine and Peter when she come to bring Inay home.

Igor live in Luxembourg

Ivy live in Austria, Inay in Germany, also Ivory.


Ian and Lai Fu go outside.




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