The J-Litter are born 01. June 2019.

That are 2 Boy`s and 3 Girl`s


Father: Multi-Ch. Bärchen Eisstern                Mother: Jgd-Ch. & Vereinssiegerin 2019

                       " Samu "                                                            Hiraani von Haus Rubens

                                                   Born: 04.14.2015                                                     Born: 04.09.2017

Hipp A2, ED 0/0                                                       Hipp A2, ED 0/0

PHPT negativ by descent                                        PHPT negativ by descent

DNA testet                                                                    DNA testet




Character Test


weight after born

Boy blue, Joda





340 g

Boy green, Jano





332 g
Girl red, Jadinka   negativ     341 g
Girl yellow, Joy   negativ     325 g
Girl pink, Januka   negativ     341 g

At the 04.29.2019 we have ultrasound ( echo ). We have see 5 puppy`s

     They birthday


The puppy`s are 1 week old

Grandmother Ceelah help


Boy blue                                                  Boy green


Girl red                                         Girl yellow

Girl pink

The little puppy`s are 2 weeks old and 2 have open the eyes.

Video: Hiraani give milk

Grandmother Ceelah and the puppy`s


Left the boy`s and right the girl´s. They weight are 1 kg.

With 3 weeks there was the first meal of bread


They was so good and little Mathilda, daughter from Sonja found it great.

With 3 weeks they can go in the big place



Mathilda found toys, that was fun

Today the puppy`s are 4 week`s old


Boy blue                                             Boy green, is name Jano


Girl red                                              Girl yellow

Girl pink

The puppy`s are 5 weeks old and they go out site



Where play must eat



And in site they have also fun

The puppy`s are 6 week`s old and Becki and Basti come to play.

The children and puppy`s have many fun.



So the last week begin. The puppy`s are 7 weeks old.


Ivory visit the puppy`s


All day`s we see new thinks


And we have only 1 toilett and JP visit us.

So we are in our new home


Joy ( left ) live with Hope and Joda ( right ) lives with Gimli


Jadinka ( left ) live with 2 cat`s and Januka ( right ) live alone. Jano live with Emino.




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