These are the homepages of our friends, other known people and our club. Because of these sites are not within our responsibility, Kennel von Haus Rubens can not be made responsible for their contents.



Netherland Keeshond-Club

Finnischer Keeshond-Club

Swiss Club for Keeshonds

American Keeshond-Club

Deutscher Spitz Club of Belgium

Owners, puppy`s and friends

Wolfsspitz Male Aron vom Br�chl

Aurelies Pomeranians

Wolfsspitze ( Debby von Haus Rubens ) " out of the sea "

B�rchen Kennel Finnland

Keeshonds from France

Other site

The Blue Dog, here childern learn with their parents how to safely deal with the dog

Bookshop over dog`s

At the beginning breeder from the VDH:








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